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In this new year 2017, our Salesian family turns toward Blessed Father Louis Brisson. On June 23, we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth. The celebration of this Brisson Year will begin in Plancy on February 5th, just a few days after the anniversary of his death which took place on February 2, 1908.

Blessed Louis Brisson is known for many things: founding religious communities, intense spirituality, devotion to St. Francis de Sales and the Visitation Order, outreach to the neglected working class, educational innovation, and his creative and inventive mind.

Throughout all of this, he was an example of fortitude and determination. When he saw a need, he was willing to move mountains to accomplish the work that needed to be done. He would never allow difficulties or problems to discourage him and turn him away from the work God had entrusted to him. Let us listen to his advice to his spiritual sons:

“We need great energy never to become discouraged. Let us be courageous, then. How should we go about acquiring the courage that is so necessary? St. Francis de Sales gives us an excellent way. It is to look at Our Lord in the trial we are undergoing. If we have a struggle with regard to charity, if we experience ingratitude, spitefulness, slander and injustice, let us look at Our Lord on the Cross and see what he suffered during his Passion. Let us fix our gaze on him and the look he gives us will help and console us.”