“Be who you are and be that well.” This has to be one of the most quoted lines from St. Francis de Sales. It obviously resonates in many hearts.

So…. Who are you?

If we want to be who we are, we first have to know what that is.

Each of us is, fundamentally, a child of God. We are his, members of his family, made in his image and likeness. All of us are that and we have to BE THAT WELL. In this we are all alike.

But we are also all different. We share our common identity in God but he did not make us all the same. To be who we are, we must know how we are alike and how we are different.

Each of us has a vocation that we must pursue with passion to be who we are well. Within our vocation, or simultaneous to it, we have our own particular call. As St. Francis de Sales tells us, “We all have a vocation. We believe that God has placed us in this life to fill a special need that no one else can accomplish.” To do this, we have been given gifts to use for God’s glory and the good of those around us.

Perhaps during the summer months, our lives will slow down a little and we will have more time for reading and reflection. If we do, let’s use it to discover the gifts that we may not be using fully and that can help us to “Be who we are well.”

“Don’t sow your desires in someone else’s garden; just cultivate your own as best you can. Don’t long to be other than what you are, but desire to be thoroughly what you are. Direct your thoughts to being very good at that and to bearing the crosses, little or great, that you will find there. Believe me, this is the most important and least understood point to the spiritual life. We all love according to what is our taste; few people love according to their duty or to God’s liking. What is the use of building castles in Spain when we have to live in France?”