In John 12: 20- 33, a number of Greeks approach Philip with this request: “We would all like to see Jesus.”

Can’t we all relate to that desire?

Where do we look for Jesus? Up the sky? Far away places? Special people? Extraordinary experiences? Once-in-a-lifetime events?

Francis de Sales suggests that we start closer to home: “God is everywhere and in every thing. There is no place or thing in this world in which God is not very really present. God is not only in the place in which you find yourself, but God, in a very special way, dwells in the depths of your heart.” (Introduction to the Devout Life, II, 2)

If we want to see Jesus, we must first recognize him in ourselves. After all, we are created in God’s – Christ’s – the Spirit’s – image and likeness. Christ dwells in our minds, in our hearts, in our affections, attitudes, and our actions. Christ dwells in the midst of our daily responsibilities, successes and setbacks. Christ dwells in our spouses, children, parents, families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and classmates. Wherever we “are”, there Jesus “is.”

Every day provides opportunities for us to sharpen our eyesight, to clear our vision, to focus our perception of a God who is with us – always and all ways!

Ask for the grace to see Jesus more clearly in yourself. Ask for the vision to see Jesus in the events, circumstances and relationships of each and every day. Ask for the wisdom to recognize Jesus in the gift of life and the beauty of creation, with all of its ups, downs and in betweens. Ask for the faith to know Jesus’ presence in the gift of forgiveness.

Want to see Jesus? Open your eyes! Open your ears! Open your hearts! Open your minds! Open your attitudes! Open your lives! Allow others to see in you The One for whom you look in others!