The great Feast of Pentecost, which completes the Easter season, falls on Sunday May 15th this year. The Holy Spirit is always ready to give us spiritual gifts, and especially on this day. St. Francis de Sales assists us in asking for these gifts:

“May it please the Divine Majesty to grant us the gift of fear that we may serve Him filially; the gift of piety to revere Him as our most loving Father, the gift of knowledge to know the good we ought to do and the evil we ought to avoid, the gift of fortitude to overcome courageously all difficulties in the practice of virtue, the gift of counsel to discern and to choose the true way of perfection, the gift of understanding to realize the beauty and benefit of the mysteries of faith and of the truths of the Gospel; finally the gift of wisdom to taste how good God is, to savor and experience the sweetnesses of His incomprehensible benignity.
Oh! How happy shall we be, if we receive these priceless gifts, for doubtless, they will lead us to the summit of this mystical ladder where we shall be received by our Divine Savior who awaits us there with open arms, to make us participants of His glory and felicity.”

Read the entire sermon here.


How has the Holy Spirit touched your life?
What gifts do you recognize within yourself?