Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, also known as Fransalian Missionaries in the US, is an international missionary religious congregation, founded in France in 1838 by Fr. Peter Mermier, under the patronage of  St. Francis de Sales.

The MSFS Vision is to be a builder of communities, a sower of God’s Word, an enlightened guide of his students, and a formator in the spirit of St Francis de Sales.  OUR MISSION is to pass on love of God and gentleness to the world and to bring about the renewal of Christian life by preaching parish missions, evangelizing people and educating youth.

Fransalians are now in Europe, North and South America, Africa, India and in many other parts of the world. The pastoral ministry and lifestyle of the Fransalians witnesses a spirit of simplicity, gentleness, optimism and availability in service in the local Church.

Fransalian missionaries have been present in USA for more than forty years. At present, fifty priests are in pastoral ministry in different dioceses in thirteen states in USA. The fifty priests have been formed into a Region in USA, soon to become a Vice Province. Wellspring, Fransalian Center for Spirituality, is a well-established Center for Spirituality in the diocese of Tyler, Texas.  This center offers many spiritual growth opportunities including spiritual direction, retreats and experiences in the contemplative way.

Fransalians are at your service, dedicated to the renewal of your faith. Your prayerful support will help us be genuine missionaries in the spirit of our founder, Fr. Peter Mermier, and our patron, St. Francis de Sales.

Founder Peter Mermeir

Founder: Peter Mermier

Patron Francis de Sales

Patron: St. Francis De Sales

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