A short-circuit condition is when voltage is eventually reduced to zero.  One of the most common short-circuit conditions that humans encounter is fear which often carries with it anxiety. This condition can be paralyzing, and can travel an unwanted path manifested in grumbling or complaining, indulging in self- pity, and the kind of pride that takes credit that is due to someone else, including God.  It affects our thinking and can close us in on ourselves. There is a remedy.

The Jubilee Year of Mercy invites us to reflect on how we treat one another. Being called to holiness is to respond as Jesus would. We are challenged to live lives of kindness embracing all people, including our enemies. We are invited to live Gospel values where we are one with the suffering and persecuted. Often we do not need to look beyond those closest to us. We are all broken in one way or another and when we are touching the broken we are touching the body of Christ. Our Christian faith teaches us that it is in our brokenness that we are most capable of recognizing the presence of God in others.

Throughout this Jubilee Year we have been reminded to plug into God’s Word so as to be open to His power within us. It is in living God’s Word through the works of mercy that our faith comes alive. Then we need to choose those actions and attitudes that keep us connected with God and one another.

Mercy is the loving disposition towards those who suffer distress. Love, compassion, and forgiveness towards one’s neighbor will bring peace in relationships.