As a Type A, control freak perfectionist, I created my own waves of stress. Then I picked up “Finding God’s Will for You” by St. Francis de Sales. I knew nothing about him. My life took a new, joyful and exciting turn after I read that book. I turned over the car keys of my life to God and said “You drive. I can’t seem to find the way to whatever it is I’m looking for.” St. Francis has taught me the value of gentleness and remaining calm in the hand of God. Situations that used to stress me out I now see as virtue building experiences. They are like the big waves that seem ominous to others, but with the grace of God as my surfboard, it becomes a test of spiritual strength and endurance.  So if you are weary of the world’s troubles, let St. Francis de Sales teach you how to let God bring joy and peace to your life.