Embraced by God is a Catholic ministry offering resources for joyful living inspired by St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.  Our ministry reaches out to “seekers” from every walk of life that are searching for an optimistic approach to living a spirituality that will bring them closer to God who yearns to love them…to embrace them…a perfect description of Salesian spirituality. Our services offer spirituality books, recordings and the Sacred Art of Michael O’Neill McGrath for sale; Parish Missions throughout the country; over 5000 Used Books for sale; use of a spiritual Lending Library;

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Looking for some Salesian centered resources to guide your way?

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Sometimes we can over think a new idea, making it complicated and difficult to “get into.”  Salesian Spirituality is based on simple concepts and anyone interested in learning about it can begin from exactly where they are at the moment.           

If you are “crazy busy” just set aside a few minutes a day and be aware of the reality around you.  You don’t even have to stop what you are doing!  Just see God in the meal you are trying to get on the table; in the sunset or the downpour; in the sleeping or screaming child in your arms; in the good work you are doing or the deadline you can’t quite reach…see God and know that God is aware of YOU, and cares about you and wants you to know you are not alone in all of this craziness.

Once you begin to make this awareness thing a habit, it will get easier and easier to “see” God in every moment of your day.  Now, the next step is to gift yourself with things that will help you on this “everyday approach to finding joy in your life.”  That’s where we come in.  Whether it is a special art print to focus your thoughts on or a daily book of simple prayers to begin and end your day…we can help get you started and keep growing!

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