Blessed Louis Brisson shares his thoughts at Christmas time with his spiritual children:

“A little child walks along holding his mother’s hand, distrusts his own strength, and is not bold. May you be the same and venture nothing without God. It is he who guides and leads us. Let us listen to what he says to us and then let us always say a fervent yes, one that is spontaneous, total, and absolute. “

“The Infant Jesus comes on earth full of meekness and humility. These two virtues should be the special characteristics of all the children of St. Francis de Sales. I must tell you that your little acts of virtue and renunciation are the gold, frankincense and myrrh with you present to the Infant God. When you make an act of generosity, think that is the gold. Acts of humility and self-sacrifice will be the incense and the myrrh because of the honor rendered to God but the practice of these virtues. We must not be the last ones to take our presents to the little Infant Jesus.”

We wish you all the peace, love and joy of this holy Christmas time!